University of California, Los Angeles, CA

2018: Ph.D., Cinema and Media Studies, expected 
2015: C.Phil., Cinema and Media Studies 

Dissertation title: Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World
Committee: Denise Mann (chair), John Caldwell, Stephen Mamber, Toby Miller

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
2008: M.A., Criticism and Theory

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
1998: B.A. with honors, English and Studio Arts


Contemporary film and television; gender and sexuality; expressions of trauma in contemporary media; genre and intertexuality; digital media; visual culture; memory and popular culture


2018: Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World, Rutgers University Press.

2014: Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer: Another Kind of Monster, Intellect/University of Chicago Press.

Journal Articles

2017: “Pushing Contagion: How Government Agencies Shape Portrayals of Disease,” The Journal of Popular Culture, 50.3, 445-465.

2016: “When Terrorism Met The Plague: How 9/11 Impacted the Outbreak Narrative,” Cinema Journal, InFocus, 56.1, Fall 2016.

2016: “Having a Moment and a Dream: PreciousParis is Burning, and the Necessity of Fantasy in Everyday Life,” Quarterly Review of Film and Video, October 2016.

2015: “The Mindy Project: Or Why ‘I’m The Mary, You’re The Rhoda’ Is the RomComSitCom’s Most Revealing Accusation,” Journal of Film and Television, 43.2, 63-69.

2010: “Another Kind of Monster: Cindy Sherman's Office Killer,” Jump Cut, Summer 2010.

2010: “Who is Missing in Bunny Lake?” Jump Cut, Summer 2010.

2000: “Striptease: The Art of Spectacle and Transgression,” The Journal of Popular Culture, 34.1, 65-75.

Book Chapters

2016: “Going Viral in a World Gone Global: How Contagion Reinvents the Outbreak Narrative,” The Last Midnight: Critical Essays on Apocalyptic Narratives in Millennial Media,McFarlandPress, 2016. 

Other Publications

2016: “Terrorist as Contagious Other,” In Media Res, November 2016.

2014: “What’s Really Missing in Gone Girl,” Mediascape, October 2014.

2014: “On Being Queer and Jewish—and Why Neither Should Matter,” The Times of Israel, August 2014.

2014: “The Politics of Sexuality,” Geeked Magazine, July 2014.

2014: “Armour and Artifice,” Femme Magazine, June 2014.

2014: “Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills,” Los Angeles Review of Books, May 2014.

2013: “Living and Leaving LA Noir: Or, Two Authors in Search of the Circumstances Surrounding Los Angeles Noir” with Toby Miller for Contrappasso, November 2013.

2013: “Killer Accessories: Cindy Sherman, White-Collar Glamour, and the Most Horrifying Movie You’ve Never Seen,” The TATT Report, September 2013.

2013: “A Question of Memory: Who is Douglas Gordon?” Hyperallergic, July 4, 2013.

2013: “Inside the Light: James Turrell in LA,” Hyperallergic, July 1, 2013.

2013: “How Does One Make an Image of Revolution?” Hyperallergic, June 25, 2013.

2013: “Why Aren’t We Happier? Stefan Sagmeister Explains,” Hyperallergic, May 2, 2013.

2013: “Office Killer,” Frieze, February 2013.

2013: “The Unpleasant Smell of Lost Opportunities,” Hyperallergic, January 24, 2013.

2012: “Out of Time: A Look Back at Cindy Sherman at MoMA,Hyperallergic, June 12, 2012.

2012: “Going Viral: Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer, Artillery, June 2012.

2011: “The LA Detective: A White Knight in a Black Cadillac,” Traffic, October 2011.

Selected Fiction Books
2013: Breathe With Me. The Bao House.

2013Queen of Hearts. The Bao House.

2007: Lovergirl. Random House/Heyne. Anniversary edition, The Bao House, 2013.

2006: Seduce Me. HarperCollins/Avon Red. Second edition, 2007.

2017: “How iZombie Reinvents the Zombie Paradigm,” Console-ing Passions Conference, Greenville, NC, July 27 – 29, 2017.

2016: “When Terrorism Met The Plague: How 9/11 Impacted the Outbreak Narrative,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Atlanta, GA, March 30-April 3, 2016.

2016: “War Beyond the Battlefield: Gender, Bodies, and Bioterror,” panel organizer and chair, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Atlanta, GA, March 30-April 3, 2016. 

2015: “The Walking Diseased: Zombies, Viruses, and a New Kind of Dystopia,” presented to the Film & History Annual Conference, Madison, WI, November 5-8, 2015.

2015: “Contagious Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, and the Outbreak Narrative,” presented to the Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference, Riverside, CA, May 21-23, 2015.

2015: “When Viral Pandemics Met Economic Globalization in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion: A Hollywood Not-in-Love Story,” presented to the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada, March 25-29, 2015.

2014: “Gender and Genre in Office Killer,” presented at New York University’s Monstrous Media Conference, New York, NY, February 14-15, 2014. 


2018: “Working Girls,” Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA, March 24, 2018.

2016: “Doll Parts: Doll Clothes, Doll Parts, Office Killer,” The Broad Museum, Los Angeles, CA, June 23, 2016.

2016: “Office Killer: Another Kind of Monster,” with Cindy Sherman, Film Forum, New York, NY, June 4, 2016.



Woodbury University, Burbank, CA
2018: Faculty
History of American Television

University of California, Los Angeles, CA

2018: Faculty (selected as part of the Collegium of University Teaching Fellows program)
Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World

2014-2017: Teaching Associate
African-American Cinema; History of American Cinema; History of American Television; History of European Cinema; Introduction to Visual Culture; New Hollywood Cinema: Coppola, Lucas, Spielberg, Scorsese; The Western


Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

2008-Present: Faculty

Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World; History of American Television, Writing Studio; Writing Studio Intensive 

Art Institute, North Hollywood, CA

2010-2014: Faculty

College English; Contemporary Art History; Creative Concepts; Creative Writing; Critical Thinking; Film Noir; L.A. Detective Films and Fiction; Photojournalism; Sex and Gender; Screenwriting; Story Writing; Transitional English; Visual Language and Culture

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, CA

2008-2013: Faculty

2009-2012:  Lead Instructor

Critical Thinking; Effective Speaking; English Composition; English Composition ESL; Writing Skills


2017-2018: Collegium of University Teaching Fellows Fellowship, UCLA

2017-2018: Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA

2017: Faculty Professional Development Award, Art Center College of Design

2017: Teaching Advancement Award, Art Center College of Design

2016: Teshome Gabriel Award for the Study of Film and Social Change, UCLA

2015: Jack K. Sauter Award for Artistic Merit in Television Critical Studies, UCLA

2014: Executive Board Award for Academic and Artistic Merit, UCLA

2014: Joel Siegel Fellowship for Academic Merit and Artistic Talent, UCLA

2014: Graduate Student Research Mentorship, UCLA

2013, 2014: Nominated for Outstanding Faculty, FIDM

2006, 2007: Full Tuition Scholarship for Most Promising Student, Art Center


2017: Manuscript reviewer for Cultivate Feminism

2015: Manuscript reviewer for Cinema Journal 


Museum of the Moving Image, New York, NY

1998-2000: Associate Curator, Digital Media

Created public programs featuring a broad range of digital media-related technologies.

Templar Studios, New York, NY

2000-2001: Producer

2001-2003: Creative Coordinator

Launched games and interactive experiences for clients such as National Geographic, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Lego.

Nurun Interactive, New York, NY

2000: Account Manager 
Developed global lifestyle brands such as L’Oreal and Evian.

Recommended and implemented editorial content and user-experience strategies.